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Experience a feel of Thailand with a local flavor under the African Skies at La Susie, The Villas Hotel Thai & Beauty Spa.

Discover a renewed sense of well-being at ‘La Susie’, The Villas Hotel Thai & Beauty Spa with Traditional Thai Massage Treatments that offer an exclusive retreat with a local flavor. ‘La Susie’ is conveniently located at the heart of all Embassy at the Villas Luxury Suite Hotel and Conference Centre.

Our Professional and experienced therapists will assist you in choosing a personalized treatment or package that will bring balance to your body, mind, and soul leaving you feeling fully relaxed and rejuvenated. We invite both men and women to come and experience our wonderful array of treatments available that have a unique local flavour.

We look forward to welcoming you to the brand new ‘La Susie’ Spa!

Our Treatments

Thai Massagefacial treatment photo

Traditional Thai Massage is slow and rhythmic, and will relax and revitalize into a positive state of being. A fluid unification of passive yoga, Tai chi and Eastern Massage techniques, each posture flows into the next Thai Massage combines static stretches, yoga - like postures, compression reflexology and meditative breath to take the joints though a full range of motion.

LPG by Endermologiebody treatment photo

The LPG Cellulite and slimming device is mainly used to treat cellulite by contouring and re-shaping your body. Over 90% of women suffer from some degree of cellulite and the LPG Cellulite device can visibly improve the appearance of this cellulite and smooth out your skin (La Susie Centurion branch only).

Facial Treatmentsmassage photo

Anti-Aging Facial Help reverse the visible signs of aging on both the surface and cellular levels. Acne Rapidly reduces blemishes and breakouts in teens.

Swedish Body Massagespa photo

Swedish Body Massage This Swedish-style massage is a deep massage to stimulate the circulation, which helps to alleviate muscular aches and pains.


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